Hello. It’s me….

I was pointed in the direction of this video by a colleague and I have to say he has come up trumps this time.  I was skeptical at first as I’m not an Adele aficionado but this parody hit home.  I’m not going to throw in too much of a spoiler but it’s a satirical look at one graduate’s attempt to secure work – just in case you were wondering what is it doing on my humble blog.

Now, this does throw up one question.  Is it really that tough  a market for graduates at the moment?  Reading  Charlie Ball’s (HESCU) blog post The 2016 graduate market in the UK then no it’s not doom and gloom.  Rumour has it grads aren’t all rolling in the deep and that skills shortages in many sectors leave many graduates in a strong position.  The AGR Winter Survey 2015 also backs the trend in vacancy growth but with the caveat of skills shortages leaving some roles unfilled.

But I think there’s some truth in the video.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve seen more and more stories doing the rounds on social media of motivated graduates outside train stations and the like with placards seeking work.  Fortunately many seem to have a happy ending but lets not underestimate the sheer volume of work and emotional energy it takes to keep applying for roles following rejections.

I’ve also  heard firsthand stories from many graduates of the frustration at a lack of etiquette from employers following interviews in not getting back to them – even for feedback (in fact I’ve experienced this myself on a few occasions which I’ve always thought as unprofessional at best).

If you’re a recruiter then  pick up the phone and as Adele might say “Hello, it’s me”……..


Used under CC from www.flickr.com/photos/rakka/