5 ways to stay updated with the careers world online

I tweeted (@careers_chap) last week asking people in the careers world stay up date.

tweet, tweet, tweet!

Everyone who tweeted back (not a biased poll then!) said the same stuff – they used social media, especially twitter for news and general conversation.  I think this harks back to my last blog post on “Why is everyone so busy”.  Technology in a way has become our new master rather than  a time saving slave.

So as we’re all so busy social media and the portable tech that goes with it does afford us quick and simple ways to stay up to date with CPD activity.  So for those of you working in or with an interest in the  world of careers work (especially if you’re new) here are five ways to stay current.

1) Twitter.  The CEIAG world is quite a small one.  I find on twitter that careers people/organisations who have been on there a while all follow each other.  Which is good because it means newbies have ready made lists to follow too.  This means you only need to follow a few accounts to get started.  From there just look at who they are following as well as looking at the lists people have compiled which you can follow as well.  Good places to start?  Well you could follow me! @careers_chap.

Also look at @CEGNETUK, @UKCareersChat, @newmanswords, @theCDI, @CareersEngland, @SecondaryCEIAG, @Tomstaunton84, @iCeGS, @pigironjoe @CareersDefender to get you started from a UK perspective.  It’s great to look internationally too such as CDAA_inc and @ceric_ca.  I’ve missed out lots of great ones as the list would be too long but this list is a good starting point.

2) LinkedIn.  Lucy Hawkins blogged  a really nice piece on her LinkedIn connections policy which I think is an important thinking point before you dip in and develop your network. The real power for staying up to date on this platform – in my opinion anyway –  is not the news feed (tends to be filled up with spammy inspiration quotes or news articles I can find myself) but with signing up to common interest groups.  Ones I’ve find useful include: Career Coach Forum, Careers Debate, UK HE Careers Professionals and AGCAS Careers Education.  I am members of others but in truth they aren’t particularly active which is important I feel.

3) Blogs.  I’m relatively new at this but I’ve found tremendous value in writing down my thoughts for my own CPD.  In addition it has meant I’ve sought out other bloggers and read their work all of which contributes to a wide range of views on practice and theory.  In March this year CEGNET produced their top 10 careers blogs which is a good starting point.  Most blogs also have a blog roll which mentions who they are tracking as well.

4) Journals.  The Careers in Theory blog has a great page which lists the relevant journals to careers work here.  The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) is also  a proliferant producer of research in this area.  You can check out its list of publications here.

5) Ezines & articles.  These are normally published articles or news rounds up that act as news aggregators for your careers fix. You can usually sign up for alerts via email  or follow the associated twitter feed.  Here are a few I use at the moment.  Working Adviser Careers Round-Up, AGCAS Phoenix (this is subscription), Contactpoint Careerwise,  CDA New Zealand Ezine, AGR.

I know I will have missed some brilliant sources off my top 5.  Please add anything I’ve missed in the comments and I’ll keep this as a working document.  


2 thoughts on “5 ways to stay updated with the careers world online

  1. Hurt to see I’ve been left off your UK Twitter list, *sob sob* *grin* but that aside, great post, will include it in Careers Ed for All Weekly, my Monday round up of the previous weeks’ CEIAG published using the Paper.li platform

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