Feel-good & inspiring stories

Inspiration can come in many guises but I just wanted to share two videos that I’ve favourited in my Youtube playlist. They seemed to fit a couple of group sessions I’ve recently trialed on constructing a career narrative and both really resonated and impacted on the students (in a good way).

It’s hard not to view these without them pulling on your heart strings as well providing some incredibly powerful messages for life and career.  Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away but if you’ve not seen them before then maybe find some time to give yourself a well earned pick me up.  PS.  Don’t forget to share…….

Josh – Opening doors and hearts (6:04)

2014 MUM Graduation Jim Carrey (7:42)

Check out http://www.aboveandbeyond.ca for more inspiring stories.



4 thoughts on “Feel-good & inspiring stories

  1. Thanks so much Leigh. Josh’s story is incredible – it moved me to tears and goosebumps. Such a simple thing – opening doors. Wow.

    • Group session looking at their own and others life/career story. Picking out events/obstacles and moving to solutions. The value was the sharing of those stories with the rest of the group. So nothing radical apart from creating and facilitating a safe space for them to do this.

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