2014 blogging review: My five favourite posts.

I thought I’d do a quick post on my five favourite blog posts from 2014.  This was my first blogging year and although I’ve got nothing to benchmark it against I managed 6300 views last year, which I don’t think is bad! My yearly report if you want to take a look can be found here: Your year in blogging 2014

My five most viewed posts from 2014 are below:

My top five most viewed posts from 2014

My top five most viewed posts from 2014

The site stats top 5 doesn’t quite match my own top 5, so in reverse order, here they are and why I think you should take a look!

5) Logos, Pathos, Ethos: Three words that can transform your career: Three words that helped me re-think and evaluate my own public speaking and how people perceive you.   I left this interactive workshop with a feeling of having learned some vital skills.  I also left wishing I had attended a session like this  15 years sooner.  Better late than never.

4) What is success? The implications for careers work: I tried to drill down and highlight how our own values and perception of what success is can influence (negatively & positively) our own professional practice.  So what is success? I’ll let you decide.

3) The best advice I ever received: Based on a series of contributions from key influencers on LinkedIn under the title “the best advice I ever got” this post looks at how advice resonates with individuals to become memorable and meaningful.

2) Six Ted Talks every careers professional should view and why: I don’t profess to have seen all or even most Ted talks (there are over 1700 of them). In fact, I’ve only seen a very small proportion against the overall total. But here are six talks I have seen that I believe relate to my work and why they were thought provoking.

Drumroll please! Which leads to my number 1……

1) 10 things no one tells you before you become a Careers Adviser: The idea for this post came from reading an article by Carl Froch (he of pugilistic super middleweight boxing fame) when describing the woes and endeavour required to make it as an elite champion boxer and what they didn’t tell him before turning pro.  Why not then apply this to the Careers Adviser and delve deeper beyond the sugar coated world you often have in training before you start out.

My top 5 posts from 2014

My top 5 posts from 2014


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