Buffer’s free social media marketing kit: Plus extra resources

I’ve been a buffer convert for several months and really like its simplicity (I use it just for Twitter at the moment).  Essentially it’s just a smarter, simplified way to share content on social media across accounts with some handy built in analytics.  Yes, there are alternatives out there but we all have to settle on something eventually, right?

So unless you’re like me  spending valuable time trying, breaking and testing apps that basically do the same thing but with slightly different quirks (until you eventually decide which one you like best and even then change your mind 10 times) this may help you.  Stumbling through the Twittersphere as you do I chanced upon a pretty nifty resource today that the guys and gals at Buffer have created which I thought was great whether you use their app or not.


It’s a social media marketing resource which contains some simple but effective advice and worksheets for anyone looking to improve and better manage their social media accounts.  I know the “T’Internet is awash with this sort of stuff, but having everything in a powerful but easy to follow package persuaded me to share it with anyone who cares to read what I post!  What’s included is in the blurb below but I thought it would be especially handy for careers people who dabble personally/professionally or indeed have responsibilities for official work accounts.

  1. A guide to choosing the right social network for you
  2. A guide to coming up with a voice and tone for your social media marketing
  3. A checklist of the way to create an awesome bio
  4. A checklist and examples for the essential of completing your social media profile
  5. Infographics for the best time to post, the best day to post, and the best length for your updates
  6. A spreadsheet for tracking and auditing your social media growth
  7. A spreadsheet for measuring the impact of your tweets
  8. A list of the IFTTT/Zapier recipes we use to help automate helpful tasks

I’ve had a look through everything and I’m definitely going to use some of the resources and guides.  Be warned the spreadsheets will require some extra analytics legwork depending on what you use.  I think for most people the audit will prove more appealing and relevant than the social media analytics spreadsheet.  Just remember Twitter has its own analytics  function if you want to see how many people retweeted your flattering picture of you wearing a Rudolph Christmas jumper.

If you’re just starting out on the zen-like path to social media guru status – as 9/10 people on twitter seem to proclaim these days – then a few months back I developed some Prezis as a starter guide for helping students develop their LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging profiles.  I also produced a Prezi on trying to develop an effective social media strategy rather than going at it all guns blazing and scattergunning the web with faceless LinkedIn profiles. I blogged about the LinkedIn one here,  so once you’re viewing it in Prezi the others should be visible underneath it under “more presentations”.  They’re all public so feel free to use them.


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